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Activated Carbon: The Critical Role Behind Water Filters

August 23 2022

What is Activated carbon?

Activated carbon is one of the most used products in the water treatment industry. It is extremely porous and has a large surface area, which makes it an effective adsorbent material. Activated carbon belongs to a class of porous carbon materials with high adsorption capacity and reactivation capacity.It is derived from carbon-containing source materials. Examples include wood, bamboo, sawdust, willow peat, coconut shells, peach pits, coconut shells, petroleum pitch and various coals.

Types Of Activated Carbon

Activated carbon has strong adsorption properties and helps to bind different chemicals. When activated carbon comes into contact with water or gas, it attracts and carries away one or more atoms, molecules or ions from its surface. Activated carbon for water treatment comes in many forms:

• Granular activated carbon - ideal for water and wastewater treatment

• Powdered activated carbon - ideal for handling certain trace levels of synthetic chemicals

• Extruded activated carbon - for dechlorination and chemical removal

Activated carbon's ability to adsorb a variety of pollutants makes it ideal for water treatment plants in industries that manufacture harmful chemicals and metals. It also has the ability to remove contaminants from liquids and gases.

Why does activated carbon plays the decisive role in the water treatment?

Carbon filters work on a principle called adsorption. Simply put, carbon attracts impurities to its surface and cleans the water and makes it drinkable.

The carbon filter acts as a parking lot, with holes for the parking space to hold contaminants as water flows through. Tiny pores are measured in microns. The smaller the micron, the finer the filtration. Low flow rates and pressures allow more time for contaminants to stay or stick to the carbon. The longer the water is in contact with the carbon filter surface, the higher the filtration efficiency.

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