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What to pay attention to when buying a refrigerator water filter

November 11 2021

Many experts suggest that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day to ensure good health, so you must pay attention to the quality of your water, so how to get clean water? If you choose to install a 4396710 water filter from a trusted brand, what should you pay attention to?

4396710 water filters

When you are ready to choose a water filter, the most important step is to find a filter compatible with your refrigerator model. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a universal water filter, so you need to know which type of water filter is suitable for your refrigerator.

At worst, trying to install the wrong filter can cause irreparable damage to your refrigerator. Make sure to select the appropriate filter, otherwise there is a risk of leakage at the installation point. Leaks can cause too much water on the system or on the floor. Too much water can cause water damage and mold growth in the refrigerator or floor.

When you look at the list of available water filter brands, it can be a bit daunting at first. One of the easiest ways to decide on a brand is to choose a refrigerator brand. When you match the refrigerator with the filter, you have a better chance of knowing that you will consider your refrigerator when choosing a filter.

Worst-case scenario: Choosing the wrong brand means that you may get an inappropriate filter that "wrong taste". When you choose a brand based on the refrigerator model, you can also better control your consumer rights. If you choose the "right" brand and your water tastes incorrect, then please exercise your rights as a customer and let your filter manufacturer know.

Public health and safety organizations have created NSF certified labels to regulate the safety of your water filter. Your refrigerator water filter should be NSF certified to comply with laws and regulations related to water safety. If your product does not have a seal, you should be careful.

Water that does not meet the clean water standards can make you sick. Fortunately, almost all water filters are NSF certified because this is how the water filter company communicates its commitment to water purification standards. As long as your filter has an NSF certified seal, you can basically take water purification for granted. Companies that meet NSF certification standards pass regular inspections. The malfunction caused the product to be recalled.

Make sure your water filter is cost-effective. In other cases, this may mean choosing a generic brand instead of a big brand you know you can trust. However, for water filters, you should spend your money on quality and ensure cost-effective measures by increasing the number of purchases. You can save time and money by buying double packages of most brands. Purchasing a larger number of filters at once can reduce costs by eliminating multiple shipping costs, and usually reduces the unit cost itself.

What's the big deal? Who doesn't like saving money? In addition to surface level savings, regular replacement of filters can extend the life of the refrigerator and reduce the possibility of buying water bottles. Water filters may seem expensive, but replacing them regularly can help prevent accumulation in the refrigerator and unfiltered unpleasant odors in the water. Purchasing a larger package means you have a filter on hand that you can use the next time the light goes out, ultimately saving time and money.

By reading this, you may already know that you need a new filter and you are just trying to avoid the pitfalls before making a buying decision. However, one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when changing refrigerator filters is the long waiting time.

Does your refrigerator filter indicator light up? Is your water dispenser slowing down or no water at all? Does your refrigerator water taste not as good as before? If any of these are correct for you, then it's time to do you and your refrigerator a favor and buy a new filter.

What's the big deal? Keeping the 9030 water filter unobstructed means it can quickly dispense delicious cold water. When your trendy filter causes slow dispensing and the water is difficult to drink, you start looking for water elsewhere, which may result in additional costs. Save time and money and keep the refrigerator fresh by replacing the Kenmore 9081 water filter when a problem is discovered.