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How to check the quality of the refrigerator water filter

October 19 2021

I believe many people want to know whether the 9030 water filter they buy is good enough, or is it better to use an under-counter water filter?

kenmore refrigerator filter 9030

Can your refrigerator water filter produce healthy drinking water? This depends on the contaminants you want to remove and the quality of the refrigerator water filter.

Since most refrigerator filters on the market have local restrictions, if you want to remove as many contaminants as possible, including arsenic, fluoride, nitrate and nitrite, barium, selenium and radium, most refrigerator filters cannot Remove these contaminants.

Because refrigerator filters only use carbon filters, and carbon filters have limitations in removing pollutants. Therefore, if you want to maximize the removal of pollutants, you need to choose a carbon filter with a reverse osmosis filter or a carbon filter combined with other media. Although many carbon filters are very effective, the types of contaminants that these filters can remove are limited.

Many water filter manufacturers claim that they are the best, but not everyone takes the next step to prove the performance of their filters. If the manufacturer really believes in their products, they will have corresponding certification instructions to ensure the quality of the filter.

But even with third-party testing, the quality of ultrawf water filter can vary greatly. For example, some filters may only be certified to remove 6 or 7 pollutants, while other filters are certified to remove more than 200 pollutants. You also need to pay attention to reducing the level of pollutants. Again, there may be big changes. Some may only reduce pollutants by 50%, while others may reduce it by 95%.

Morefilter's wf710 water filter have been tested and certified by NSF International and meet the strict standards of public health protection, which is a quality assurance for consumers. You can click to view the specific certificate. It can reduce more than 24 kinds of harmful pollutants, such as drugs, pesticides, aquatic parasites, lead, chlorine, asbestos, industrial chemicals, and filter 97% of pollutants. Compared with peers, the quality is more secure and the price is more reasonable.