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Does Refrigerator Water Filer Cause Kidney Stone

July 27 2022

You and your family members health is too important to leave to chance. To keep family members healthy need to be pretty careful about daily drink. One way of doing this is purifying the water for drinking by refrigerator water filter.

But there is some whispers that says that water filtration system can cause disease like kidney stones.

In fact, it’s absolute nonsense. To prove it is false, we need to figure out how kidney stone forms:

Think of your kidneys as your body's high-efficiency filter. They remove toxins from your blood and return essential nutrients to your blood.

Your kidneys naturally use urine to remove toxins from your blood. However, urine contains some crystal-forming substances such as calcium, oxalate, sodium, phosphorus, and uric acid. When these concentrations are high, they begin to calcify in the kidneys. Dehydration can be the perfect breeding ground for calcification because crystal-forming substances in the kidneys are more diluted than urine when dehydrated. Also, some people lack the substances needed to keep the crystals from sticking together. Both conditions, high or low concentrations of the substance, create an ideal environment for kidney stones to form.

Hard water is notorious for the buildup of sediment and dirt, and studies have shown that if you drink hard water at 10 grains per gallon, your urinary calcium concentration will increase by 50%.

Finally, if you regularly drink hard or tap water, your risk of kidney stones increases by 300%.

Filtered water help prevent kidney stones

Unfiltered hard water increases the concentration of minerals in the blood, which the kidneys have to filter into the urine. As a result, the renal filtrate becomes highly concentrated and there is an increased risk of stone formation. Therefore, it is necessary to filter drinking water to reduce such risks, especially when drinking water is scarce.

In the place of hard or tap water, Morefilter wf3cb filters become the drinking of choice for most of families. It has revolutionized the field of filter water which like a bottle of water factory in your fridge that removes contaminants and hardness totally. Purified water decrease the risk of kidney stones because it decrease the risk of calcium-citrate and calcium-oxalate buildup in the body.

Imagine that just open your fridge, cleaner and better-tasting water can be easily available which make the perfect option for routine drinking water. You may want to only drink bottle water. But it is more sustainable to install a refrigerator water filter in your fridge and purify all your drinking water.

If you are interested in purifying water today, this refrigerator water filter is best choice for you. We have lots of branded 4396841 water filter replacement that is compatible.We are here to provide help you find solutions that fits your needs.