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Can Filtered Water Hydrate Your Skin

August 04 2022

Skin care products often state how well they moisturise, refresh or care for our skin. Many of us spend a lot of money investing in the best face, body and hair stuff. But does the quality of water affect how well it cleans our bodies and moisturizes our skin?

The answer is, yes. Filtered water will moisturize your skin. Purified water is more effective for your skin's health because, unlike regular tap water, it is free of chlorine and other chemicals that strip your skin's natural oils.

Why does the skin need hydration?

Clean water is one of the most important elements of good health. In order to maintain a healthy body, beautiful skin and hair, access to pollution-free water is essential. There is no element more important to our body than water! Water is widely involved and essential to every cell that makes up our body.

The human body is made up of up to 60% water. The skin itself is the largest organ of the human body and contains about 64% water. Hydrating your skin means increasing its water content. Hydrated skin will be smooth and radiant. It will have an even tone and reduce skin problems.

You may not know your skin is thirsty. The skin's need for hydration is so high because it is made up of cells that are primarily composed of water. Cells lose water throughout the day due to physical activity and environmental pollution. If the cells are not hydrated, the skin becomes dehydrated and lifeless. Your skin will then be more prone to premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles and other skin conditions.

How water filter 2 can help

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is essential for acting as a barrier between external stressors (such as sunlight, bacteria or chemicals) and the inside of the body (including organs, blood, water, etc.). Using a water purification system such as a MoreFilter refrigerator water filter can help maintain healthier skin and maintain the skin's barrier function.

Purerdrop edr1rxd1 compatible can remove 97% of contaminants. The system installs directly into the refrigerator and reduces chlorine, lead, minerals and microplastics to take care of your delicate skin and keep you looking your best.

Water is like magic. It does things for your body that you can't even imagine. Importantly, our bodies are better at using filtered and purified water than tap water with chemicals. Without the damaging effects of harsh water, you'll find your skin looks fresh, soft, smooth and well-hydrated. You'll need fewer fancy products to solve your skin problems, and you'll save money!