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The water filter is the main method of maintaining the ice machine

June 28 2021
First of all, we all know that the ice maker has a built-in water filter. Our water filter workshop provides a variety of ice maker water filters for selection. These filters can be used not only in ice machines, but also in coffee machines and vending machines.

A good ice machine water filter can:

Removal of chlorine, including removal of odors and odors caused by chemical disinfectants or other pollution problems;
Reduce particles of 5 microns or less; prevent scaling; anti-corrosion; antibacterial properties.

After solving these problems, the ice machine or the ice produced by the ice machine will look clearer and taste better.

But even if a water filter can help reduce and prevent machine failures due to scale deposits and precipitation, regular cleaning of the ice maker should still be the top priority.

By regularly replacing and cleaning the f2wc9i1 filter, the ice maker can continuously maintain optimal performance.

Pzfilters 5 PACK ICE2 F2WC9I1 Ice Maker

Pzfilters 5 PACK ICE2 F2WC9I1 Ice Maker

However, sometimes the quality of the water used in the ice maker changes, which means you will have to change the filter more frequently. If any of the following signs are found, the ice machine should be cleaned and/or the filter in it should be replaced:

1. The size of ice cubes distributed by the ice maker is smaller than ordinary ice cubes

2. The ice cubes are turbid in appearance

3. Ice cubes melt faster and are not as strong as before

4. The taste or smell of the ice is strange

Although you should have no problem cleaning the ice machine at home,commercial ice machines must follow strict cleaning guidelines.Commercial ice machines usually require a team of professionals to perform professional cleaning, descaling and disinfection.

If you use a water filter in the ice maker, you can avoid extended downtime due to cleaning. Less clogging and scale deposits, almost eliminating accidental failure and energy inefficiency.