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Solutions to common problems of refrigerator water filters

September 27 2021

We all know that the replacement of the refrigerator water filter is not complicated, but some common problems may occur during the replacement process. Then, how do we solve these problems? Today, the editor will introduce solutions to common problems in the collection.

1. Difficulty in removing or installing the filter

Sometimes all you need is a little extra power. When disassembling, sometimes the problem is to pull the filter down and out. Try shaking the filter sideways while pulling down, this should work. Tip: Remove the top shelf from the refrigerator, as it may be damaged if it is suddenly loosened. When installing, apply more force and keep turning to lock in place.

2. Common installation errors

The protective cap is not removed from the new filter. Before installing a new refrigerator filter, remember to remove any protective covers. Failed to flush the filter. Many people forget to do this, but it should never be forgotten. Don't throw away the reusable knob, you may need it later!

3. No water comes out of the refrigerator after replacing the filter

If this happens, the wf3cb water filter will most likely not be completely stuck in. If you think this is the case and you are still experiencing problems, it may be the water valve to the refrigerator. To check, please reinstall the old filter. If water flows from the old filter instead of the new filter, there is an installation problem with the new filter, not the water valve. If the old and new filters do not produce water, the problem lies in the water valve.

4. There is a small amount of dripping or leakage after installing the filter

Remove the refrigerator filter, and then firmly reinstall it in the refrigerator to lock it in place.

5. Irregular water flow

If this happens, there may still be air in the pipeline. Press the dispenser lever for 2 minutes until the water starts to flow freely.

6. Water tastes different

Pur 4396841 will not increase the taste of the water because they can only remove chemicals and pollutants from the water. The older the refrigerator filter you replace, the more likely you are to notice a different taste, because your drinking water is now filtered more powerfully (more efficiently).

7.The water filter appears to be clogged before it needs to be replaced

Depending on your water quality and usage, your refrigerator water filter may not work for a full 6 months. If your water flow starts to slow down, your filter may become clogged and may need to be replaced.

Having said that, I believe you must have a general understanding of the solutions to these problems. If you purchased the refrigerator water filter from morefilter, if you have any questions that are unclear, you can directly contact our after-sales solution. We are not only There are refrigerator water filters, air filters and ice machine water filters. Customers in need are welcome to come to consult.