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Knowledge of refrigerator use and cleaning

July 12 2021

With the increasingly fierce competition in the home appliance market, the appearance and functions of refrigerators on the market are now greatly improved than in the past. Today we will share some common sense of using refrigerators.

The leftovers in the refrigerator need to be sealed. If possible, it is best to transfer to a glass dish box with better sealing. Because exposed food will increase the humidity in the box, the compressor of the refrigerator will continue to work to achieve Dryness standard. In addition, it can also cause a peculiar smell in the refrigerator.

The leftovers should be chilled before entering the refrigeration or freezing. The reason is simple. Even if you put food at room temperature in the refrigerator, the temperature in the box will rise quickly in a short time, not to mention that you put hot food or even freshly cooked food in the refrigerator. After the temperature in the box rises, there are two adverse effects. One is to increase the working pressure of the compressor, and the other is to affect the freshness of other foods in the refrigerator.

In principle, any refrigerator with an ice making or water outlet device needs to install 4396710 water filter. Depending on the usage of each family, the filter should be replaced in about 6 months, preferably not more than a year. After the expiration date, even if the water tastes no peculiar smell, bacteria may have grown. To replace the filter, you can choose the original brand or non-original brand (usually at a lower price). The model of the filter corresponds to the model of the refrigerator. It is best to consult your refrigerator retailer for the first replacement. If your refrigerator has a water filter replacement reminder (light), after installing a new filter, you must reset the reminder (light). The resetting method is similar, you can refer to the user manual. The location of the water inlet filter is one at the bottom of the refrigerator and the other at the upper right corner of the refrigerator.

The air filter of the refrigerator mainly plays the role of deodorizing. Not every refrigerator is equipped with an air filter. It is best to ask clearly when buying and know where it is. Air filters usually have a replacement cycle of six months to one year.

It is best to vacuum the bottom and back of the refrigerator every six months. For non-embedded refrigerators, that is, Freestanding refrigerators, you can move the refrigerator after opening the wheels on both sides of the bottom. Safety protection measures must be taken during the movement. Place cardboard to protect the kitchen floor.

From the perspective of power saving and food protection, the food in the refrigerator should not be too small. When the food in the refrigerator is less than half, a large container can be filled with water and placed in the refrigerator, which can help reduce air flow and thus Ensure that the temperature is maintained. When the food in the refrigerator is too full, the temperature of the refrigerator will drop because the air flow is not smooth enough. It is ideal to keep the refrigerator storage saturation at 70% to 80%.

The temperature of the refrigerator: the refrigerator should be kept at 2°C to 3°C, and the freezer should be kept at -16°C to -18°C. Don’t think that the colder the refrigerator is, the better. First of all, different foods have the corresponding best fresh-keeping temperature, not the colder the better. Secondly, the set temperature is too low, which will cause the compressor to overload and affect the life of the refrigerator, and of course your electricity bill The bill will also go up.

In the event of a power failure, keeping the refrigerator closed, the refrigerator can ensure food safety within 4 hours, a freezer full of food can be maintained for 48 hours, and a half full can be maintained for 24 hours.

The plastic door basket of the refrigerator, seemingly ordinary, is actually one of the most important parts of the refrigerator's sealing system. It should be cleaned frequently and tested for its tightness. A well-known test of hundred-dollar bills is to clamp the bills in the door. If the bills fall off, the sealing function is damaged. Consider repairing or replacing the refrigerator.

Pzfilters Filter 2,46-9082,W10413645a with air filter 3PK

Pzfilters 3Pk Filter 2, EDR2RXD1, W10413645A with Air filter

Compatible Part Numbers:

46-9903, 46-9924, 9082, 9903,9924


W1023815A, W10413645, W10413645A, W10413645AT, W10609378 ,W10680605, W10744238

Compatible Refrigerator Model Numbers

7MF2976AEM00, 7MF2976AEM01, 7MF2976AEM02, 7MF2976AEM03, 7WF736SDAM10, 7WF736SDAM11, 7WF736SDAM12, 7WF736SDAM13, 7WF736SDAM14



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