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  • By Bernard

    2021-12-25 20:13:00
    Fast shipping
    My water tastes great. It has no aftertaste and lasts just the right time for the price
    Reply:Thank you for your sincerely review and affirmation of the price of filter products. We continue to offer high quality and affordable refrigerator filters. 2022-03-10 11:59:06
  • By Carroll

    2021-12-09 20:13:00
    Fast shipping, good value
    Shipping was faster than most fridge filter websites. Once we received the filter, it took less than two minutes to change it.
  • By Kali

    2021-12-01 20:13:00
    Good Value
    It was easy to install. I didn't have any problems on getting water out of the tap once it was installed. There were also no issues with water taste. These are great value and everything went exactly as planned. They are highly recommended. I will purchase them again if needed.
  • By Odell

    2021-11-15 20:13:00
    wrong filter
    I purchased the wrong water filter, How can I return it?
  • By Israel

    2021-10-30 20:13:00
    change the flavour
    It works perfectly. It definitely improves water quality, although it does add a little taste to the water. As others have stated, I have not experienced any leaks or problems with installation.
  • By Leila

    2021-10-15 20:13:00
    Disappointing shipping.
    It was disappointing to receive the product at such a fast pace. I waited so long for my water filter, but no update information.
  • By Farrell

    2021-10-03 01:15:00
    2 of the 3 stopped functioning properly after a few weeks of use.
    The filtration aspect of these is fine, however, 2 of the 3 slowed water dispensing to a dribble after just a few weeks.
  • By Loco

    2021-09-20 21:20:00
    GSS30C7EYY water filters
    It fits perfectly in my frig. The product worked perfectly and left no unpleasant aftertaste. These products are easy to install and cost less than $15 each. This was my second order of this product, and I will be ordering again.
  • By Quincy

    2021-09-10 02:13:00
    Fast shipping, nice service
    Fast shipping and nice service. Looking forward to my next filter. Perfectly fit frig.
  • By Oswin

    2021-09-08 12:11:00
    Glacialpure filter good replacement for w10413645a
    After some research I found that this one was the replacement for my previous filter. The shipping speedd was so fast, I got it quickly, and I asked the customer service for help at first, beacuse I'm not sure what filter I need, and they answer me quickly. They are so nice and I love GlacialPure.
  • By Ollie

    2021-09-06 02:13:00
    Glacialpure replacement filter for filter 2
    I had difficulty replacing my under sink filter and ordered the wrong item from a different company. I then ordered from glacialpure water filters. Their advertisement information was reassuring and offered help and advise. The filter fit perfectly and I waas very pleased with it. I found their follow up reassuring and the delivery was prompt. Will definitely continue to order from the company. Thank you
  • By Cyril

    2021-09-03 02:00:00
    Fell in love with Glacialpure!
    Absolutely love the products, at first I didn’t receive all of my order, but after I contacted them, they very helpfully sent me another right away. Thank you Glacialpure
  • By Kay

    2021-08-25 21:00:00
    Great value for EveryDrop EDR2RXD1 filter replacement
    Delivered in a timely manner, perfect fit and function. I have bought many refrigerator water filters from this website. Each order has been shipped fast and the product works great. Also- these filters work just as well as the name brand filters. I could not tell a difference!
  • By Wilfred

    2021-08-15 21:00:00
    Fits my refrigerator
    Water tastes way better than with the original filter and is a lot cheaper. Use the lower pricce and get the better filter replacement.
  • By Ollie

    2021-08-01 21:00:00
    Found the new replacement filter for a long time and chose GlacialPure at last.
    Thus was the filter I needed. It took longer to get out of the package than to install it. We purchased a new home that had a refrigerator that took this filter. A new filter did the trick and it tastes perfect now. It could reduce the chlorine effectively. I thought I'll trust glacialpure, because this filter really help us a lot these times. Now, we can drink healthy water everyday.
  • By Patrick

    2021-07-20 21:00:00
    Works well. Easy to change. Perfectly!!!
    Installed in my neighbors house and it works great and easy to install. great price and great quality. and it was the best replacement for w10413645a I've purchased.
  • By Darren

    2021-07-05 21:00:00
    Does the job well
    I've used this filter for years. It does a great job and makes the water taste so good. It's easier to buy and will continue to on glacialpure. It was the best replacement filter for everydrop filter 2.
  • By Harry P

    2021-06-15 21:00:00
    Easiest fridge water filter I've ever changed
    All water filters should be this easy to change. Water tastes good . Everything is perfect. Will buy again when I need a new filter for the fridge. And recommend Glacialpure greatly if you want to change your frig filter.
  • By Sophie

    2021-06-15 21:00:00
    The fastest way to get what you need
    flavor", "easy to install" and "value for money", you could always trust glacialpure.
  • By Isla

    2021-05-20 21:00:00
    BEST Price & Value I could find!
    I replaced an original filter with these and honestly can't tell the difference. They look great and easy to install. Will be buying more when needed.
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