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Clarification statement

Thank you for your attention. For our customers' good shopping experience and satisfying after-sales service, we would like to convey an important message to you.


Recently, our customer service department has received a lot of feedback from customers. We hope to help customers to solve their problems immediately after understanding the problems clearly. However, we cannot find any transaction records based on the order number or name provided by the customers. After we did some research, we found that many customers made purchases on the website of another retailer, PurerDrop, but contacted the customer service department of our pzfilters to deal with the problems.


All dear customers, we have to make a clarification here. We and PurerDrop are two independent retailers. Maybe the brands or products we sell will be duplicates, but we do not have any cooperative relationship with each other. We are sorry that we would love to provide you with excellent customer service, but only if you make a purchase on our website. If you made a purchase on another website, please contact the website where you made the purchase to deal with your problem, thank you!


Finally, thank you very much for your support and understanding. Us pzfilters will continue to maintain the attitude of being an industry leader and provide customers with the highest quality products and the most satisfactory service. For other outstanding companies in the industry, we will also think about and learn from their outstanding places, and make improvements in our website, so that our customers can always get the best shopping experience on our website.



Best Regards