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Hi my guests,to guarantee your shopping experience, please read the article carefully.

Recently, a commentraises our awareness. In a comment website (we never settle in the websitebefore), there is a comment shown:

First, we willnot offer after-sales service when consumers purchase the product on otherwebsites. However, the man insists 'iceboxfilter' is the same company asus. We feel confused about it and decide to investigate and speak out, giving confidenceto our guests when they shop at pzfilters.

To be honest,we are a company from China. But different from most of the cognition, we willnever offer fake and poor quality products and will not cheat after receivingmoney. We believe the consumers who have purchased at pzfilters willacknowledge our products and service. However, when we do well in our own part,we can’tpromise whether there are some companies disrupting market order and damagingChinese vendors’ images. So please do not compare uswith those Chinese cheaters.

Then, we willlet you know the investigation result and give some advice to those who needpurchasing the filter.


For theshipping policy of 'iceboxfilter', they duplicate our informationwithout any revision. If you find the website is full of duplication, pleaseconsider it carefully. Besides, the terms of policy from 'iceboxfilter'are all copied from other websites without original creation.



A website thathas created for a half year only, but there are over 3000 reviews for onesingle product! That’sridiculous.



The layoutarrangement is of poor quality, please pay attention to these kinds of fakevendors!

Currently, wecan’t enter thepayment page in 'iceboxfilter' due to some unknown reasons, also thereis no way to find the advertisement of it. For such kinds of websites,consumers should be cautious when shopping, here are a few suggestions:

1) Confirm whether the terms of policy is crediblebefore paying.

2) It’s suspicious if there are too many commentsfor a new-built site. (No matter negative comments or not)

3) The layout of the website is quite simplebut selling a few refrigerator filters at the same time.

4) Their products are OEM products, but theprice is even lower than our own brand products. To be honest, it’s difficult to sell theOEM products at such low price.

Last but notleast, a reminder to consumers: if you buy the filters on other websites(especially the same brand product with us), we will not be responsible for itand will not offer any after-sale service. But if you buy the products atpzfilters, we can check your order with the order number or your information,then provide you with a satisfying service.