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To replace your refrigerator water filter
June 07 , 2021

How do you know when to replace the refrigerator filter?

If your refrigerator has a "replace filter" indicator, it is most likely on the timer and is a good way to remember when to replace the refrigerator filter.
If it is not, it is recommended that you replace the refrigerator filter every 6 months. Becoming a member of Morefilter will remind you to replace the refrigerator water filter 6 months after you purchase the product.

What kind of refrigerator filter do I need?
Refrigerator filters are of a specific brand and model. When purchasing, it is important to choose a filter element that suits your refrigerator water filter model. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it normally after you buy it. Finding out the refrigerator filter you need is easy! Click here to quickly find the refrigerator water filter of the model you want.

In addition, why is it so important to replace the refrigerator water filter?
The most commonly used filter medium in refrigerator water filters is activated carbon. After activated carbon is treated with oxygen, it opens millions of tiny, highly absorbent pores that can trap tiny microorganisms, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the water. Over time, the activated carbon filter will lose its ability to remove contaminants. This can cause bacteria to multiply in your filter and make you and your family very sick.

An easy way to determine if you need to replace the refrigerator filter is to see if the taste has changed, or if your water or ice is starting to smell. You may also notice changes in water pressure.

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