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April 13 , 2021

Today, our living environment has been damaged to varying degrees due to sewage, waste gas, various garbage, etc., so the world is calling for environmental protection. The clean purity of daily drinking water is also affected by these pollutants and impurities. For the health of this generation and the next generation, we must not only protect the environment, but also pay attention to healthy drinking water in our daily lives.

More Filter provides water filters to obtain pure and healthy drinking water. The refrigerator water filters can reduce pollutants, impurities, harmful gases, etc. in the water quality.

In the market, there are currently many companies involved in this cause, and More Filter has done a lot of work for this. The water filters manufactured by More Filter are of high quality, ensuring the clean purity of the water to the greatest extent. From testing to manufacturing, the quality of the refrigerator water filter is maintained everywhere.

Morefilter-the perfect choice!

The reasons are as follows:

More Daily produces 15,000 pieces and sells 5 filters worldwide. With multiple production lines, always maintain the best quality:

Decontamination within a super range, filtering more than 24 kinds of pollutants
The filter provided by Morefilter can filter 24 kinds of pollutants. Because the refrigerator water filter contains imported coconut shell sintered carbon, this material can reduce the chlorine by 97%. The remaining chlorine concentration is tolerable to our body, and any other concentration of chlorine may seriously threaten the normal functions of the human body.

Rigid Plastic

All our filters have external coatings made of hard plastic. If you use a filter that does not use rigid materials on the outside, it may cause leakage problems. Sometimes, the resulting melting may increase contaminants and make the filtration process impure. The outer plastic of More Filter has good chemical stability.

Certified by the water department

Unlike all other manufacturers, More Filter's water filters are completely tested and certified by water services departments such as NSF/ANSI. The reduction of color, chlorine and pollutants has been approved and verified. In addition to NSF/ANSI, IAPMO R&T also recognizes the quality of More Filter. Therefore, the filtered water can minimize pollutants, retain the natural taste, and drink more assured.

More Filter produces filters in its own production plant and conducts independent tests. Additional expenses can be reduced, and costs will also be reduced. The price of the refrigerator water filter sold in the market will be lower, and the quality will naturally be ensured.

Popular refrigerator water filter products, special discounts:

The best sellers are the edr3rxd1 water filter and w10295370a water filters.  

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