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Refrigerator water filter recommendation
April 30 , 2021
Household refrigerators need to replace the refrigerator water filter regularly, usually every 6 months.
Choose the right refrigerator water filter, you and your family can enjoy pure and fresh flow. When choosing the right filter, it is recommended that you keep in mind various criteria such as certification, brand and price.

The following is a list of a few good water filters for reference:

GE water filter replacement

GE refrigerator water filters are NSF certified refrigerator water filters, mainly used in some GE French door refrigerators. As a good choice, it can filter certain drugs, lead, chlorine-resistant cysts and five trace drugs. But it comes with a higher price tag.

EveryDrop water filter

If you want to buy a precision water filter certified by NSF, you should choose the EveryDrop water filter. The best part is that it can eliminate 24 kinds of impurities, including pesticides, lead, medicines, porous worms, etc. It offers a wide range of bottom freezer, top freezer and side-by-side refrigerator models from top manufacturers. Such a filter can completely and correctly filter "each drop".

RAWRAWF refrigerator water filter

The Frigidaire ULTRAWF refrigerator water filter supports a wide range of refrigerator brands. It is a highly efficient performance model refrigerator water filter with a processing speed of 0.5 gpm (1.9 L/min).

LG LT700P refrigerator water filter

LG LT700P refrigerator water filter

LG is one of the top electronics companies that produces water filters compatible with many LF refrigerator models. And lead. They are proven to provide healthy, tasteless and clean water. Easy to install.

Therefore, these are the best-selling refrigerator water filters that help eliminate harsh chemicals and impurities. But you should replace them from time to time. If you are looking for a refrigerator water filter suitable for you, you can visit our site to learn more about water filter products! 

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