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Can an Old Refrigerator Water Filter Make You Sick?
December 31 , 2020

Your old water filter may make you feel sick!

The water filter manufacturer stipulates that you need to keep the water filter in a good shape by preventing damage to the water filter and replacing it at the end of its life. Most people forget to replace the water filter. As a result, they will face greater danger with their families, and they lack a water filter in any way.

To understand why the water filter needs to be replaced, you should know how the water filter works. Most modern water filters are based on the properties of carbon to absorb impurities in mineral water. Carbon filters are thicker than ordinary filters, allowing water to pass through all the filter layers, and finally pure and clean water is obtained. In addition to absorbing debris, refrigerator water filters can also absorb bacteria and chemicals (such as pesticides) from cold water, but when the filter is clogged, its purification and cleaning functions will be reduced. The sediment that accumulates inside the water filter contains bacteria and other dangerous substances. If you do not replace it within the recommended time, all these substances and debris will eventually remain in the cold water.

It is quite easy to replace the water filter, because all you have to do is remove the old filter from its socket, and then put the new filter back in place. Simply turn its lid about a quarter turn to the left to unlock the filter tank, and then repeat the process in the reverse order to replace the water filter.

The life of a refrigerator water filter depends on the amount of toxic contaminants in the water and the amount of filter used. Well water is more likely to contain contaminants found in water that has not been publicly treated and may require more frequent filter replacement. In principle, the filter should be replaced according to the manufacturer's regulations or at least every six months. If you do not change the refrigerator water filter regularly, you old refrigerator water filter can really make you sick.

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