Cheap Refrigerator Water Filters For Sale

Brand Founded:

In 2020, Our Brand More Filter was founded in China, with a warehouse in the United States. 

Who we are:

We are a filter replacement manufacturer, provide refrigerator water filters,air filters,ice machine water filters,etc. Serving thousands of homes and businesses in the United States.Our filter products can meet different brand machines.

We have 6 production lines, and our daily capacity is 15000 pcs.


Pzfilters.com is one of our website to display the filter products and service. We have more than 30 types of water filters, most of them have been tested and certified by IAPMO to NSF/ANSI 42 (System) for lead free compliance, and are certified for Materials Safety, Structural Integrity and System Performance. 

Online Store:

If you want selecting and buy water filters online,Click here:
MoreFilter.com is our one of the top online shops for refrigerator water filters.

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